Sunday, February 26, 2012

February 26, 2012: Fruits of the Spirit: patience

As Pastor Hodge continues his series on the Fruits of the Spirit, on this windy and chilly but otherwise sunny Sunday morning, we learn today about patience. Don't we all want patience...right now? When we're stuck on a runway for hours waiting to take off, or wanting things to get done quicker? In this sermon, Pastor Hodge reveals that indeed, patience is a fruit of the Spirit, and tells us the Biblical example of how we can and must have more of it in our lives, because the Father, and his Son, were and are incredibly patient with us.

We also had Mark Fagerstrom give his children's sermon on the glasses he wears. Listen to understand the Biblical concept behind it. And finally, Mark, Pastor Hodge, Shawn, Roger, and Karen have special music for us...a quartet of singing.
I hope you are blessed by all of this today. Listen to all of these recordings here:

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