Sunday, April 1, 2012

April 1, 2012, Palm Sunday: Group think

Today, on this cloudy but mild Palm Sunday morning, Pastor Michael Hodge talked about Jesus' triumphanl entry into Jerusalem. Most people in the crowd were all caught up in the emotion of the moment, and most in the group cheered...some just "because", but others had other evil thoughts. How should we respond to Jesus' entry as we begin Holy Week? With cheering as a prophet, a teacher as most did...or Someone else far greater? Listen to his sermon to find out.
Also, Marilyn gave us special music today, and we hope you are blessed by that!

As we enter into Holy Week, think about our Lord as he began his journey into a very dark...and a very wonderful week.

You can hear Pastor Hodge's sermon and our special music today right here:
We apologize for the first minute of the sermon being cut off; it was due to operator error (sorry!).

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