Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 29, 2012: The Vine, vinedresser and branches

Today, on this mostly cloudy and cool morning, Pastor Michael Hodge's sermon was about the relationship between the Vine, vinedresser and branch. In the Christian sense, of course, it's our relationship with God. How do we truly know that we are in Him, and a part of him? Pastor Michael Hodge expounds on that theme this morning. We hope you are blessed by his sermon.

Additionally, we had Mark Fagerstrom doing the children's sermon today, and we hope you are blessed by that. Additionally, we had two Special Musics in our service today. Kaelynn Clark sang "Jesus Loves Me (this I know)", and Pastor Hodge and Amy Hodge sang "Amazing Grace", with Roger Seldal on guitar.

You can find all of these, which were recorded and then uploaded here:

May you be found in Christ always!

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