Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 15: Jonah, part 2: Obedience to the Lord

All Jonah had to do to complete God's will and his mission for him as a prophet...was to speak 4 words in their native language. Think about it: The book of Jeremiah and other prophets had years of suffering and torment from those who wouldn't listen to them, or God. But Jonah? All he had to do was say one sentence...repent, for God's wrath is coming...and Jonah fled. That's it...and when he finally did, the people indeed repented. Why do we make life so hard for ourselves? Isn't that God's call for us as well? Repent, and believe the Good News that Jesus Christ came to die for our sins? In Pastor Hodge's sermon today, we are reminded that God tells us to do just that.

Also, we had special music...and Mark Fagerstrom tells us why God is like a turtle. Really? Well, in at least one way, for sure...listen to his sermon, and the other parts of our service above, right here:

May you have a most blessed week in Christ Jesus, serving our Lord today!

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