Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 12, 2012: Jude, part 2: Grace and forgiveness

Today, Pastor Michael Hodge continued on his series in the book of Jude. In Jude 2-5, we read about the condemnation about false teachers. However, we covered that last week, as well as how to watch for them. This week, we expound on the grace and forgiveness that is provided through Jesus Christ to those who repent and believe the Good News. And if you don't believe in Christ, would you consider what Pastor Hodge has to say about that, and the free gift of salvation?

Additionally, we had the Chierkolks, missionaries from Mexico, visit us today...and Todd Schierkolk gave an update on his work. Next, Mark Fagerstrom gave his children's sermon, and finally, Katherine Spencer gave us our special music this morning. All of these were recorded, and can be found at the player and links on this page:

We pray you have a blessed week in Christ Jesus!

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