Sunday, November 11, 2012

November 11, 2012: Spiritual formation, part 4: sanctification

On this windy but unseasonably mild and mostly cloudy Sunday morning, Pastor Hodge talks about the next step in spiritual formation that God does by his Spirit through us: sanctification. Once we repent and turn to Christ to be our Savior and Lord, our walk with Christ then becomes a lifelong process of growth. We no longer like sin, but hate it; we no longer live the way we once did, but live in faith, and repentance. Listen to Pastor Hodge's sermon on how all of this is done in the lives of a believer, and be blessed.

Also this morning, we heard from John Maulfair. His baby arrived at 23 weeks, way early. We as a church prayed for a miracle a few years ago, and God delivered one! Hear how our prayers a few years ago turned into a miracle for a now healthy two year old boy, who grabbed the microphone a few times (sorry!). Boys will be boys! :-)

You can listen to both of these items here:

And, we hope you have a great week in Christ! Draw closer to Him this week.

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