Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 27, 2013: 1 Thessalonians, part 2: Serving

As Pastor Michael Hodge continues his series on 1 Thessalonians, we start our second in the series on the topic of serving. If you hear the word serving, and all you can think of "tennis", you don't have the mind of Christ. But thankfully and happily, God can change you when you repent of your sins and turn to him. then, you love him, and out of that love, you serve God and others. Find out how by listening to the sermon from this morning.

We also had Roger Seldal and Karen Hannan do our special music this morning, Children of the Living God. And finally, Mark Fagerstrom did his children's sermon on spoons. The first part might leave you hungry for mashed potatoes. ;-)

You can listen to all of these here:

And we hope you have a blessed week in Christ Jesus!

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