Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 14, 2013: So knowing that we are sinners....

Over the last two weeks, Pastor Hodge has cleared taught from God's word about sexual sins, specifically homosexuality, but it includes all other sexual sins as well. Now what? The bad news is that sins are a deep and grave offense against God, to which hell and condemnation are deserved. The good news? That we can be completely forgiven of those sins through repentance (turning away from those sins), and a lifelong, nay, eternal walk with Jesus in his ways, striving with the energy He gives us, and guides us by the Holy Spirit. To hear this very important sermon, click here:

We also had Josiah Fagerstrom's testimony from the Fly conference, Cliff Seldal's comments on the Church Around the World article on North Korea, and Mark Fagerstrom did his sermon on...chargers. Not the football team! Listen to it to find out how God's Word is like a charger.

And we hope you have a great week in Christ Jesus!

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