Sunday, May 17, 2015

May 17, 2015: Questioning the authority of Jesus

This week, Pastor Michael Hodge did his sermon on questioning the authority of Jesus, and change. The Gospel never changes, and is never to be compromised, ever. But, how we deliver that message does change. A 100 years ago, even songs like "Amazing Grace" struggled to get into hymn books. Today, sharing the Gospel, or serving others, can take on different forms. And we must not rely upon one formula or method to show God's love to others. Furthermore, when we become like Pharisees and question Jesus' authority, we become unable to change ourselves. This week, Pastor Hodge challenges us to not question Jesus' authority, think of new ways of sharing the Gospel, and the love of God, to others.

We also had Roger Seldal do our special music, and Pastor Hodge also did our children's sermon today. We hope you are blessed by these elements in our service as well. You can hear these elements here:

And, we hope you have a great week in Christ Jesus!

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