Sunday, April 23, 2017

April 23, 2017: Jesus is seated at the right hand of God

This week, Pastor Hodge expounds on this concept as we continue through the Apostle's Creed. Yes, Jesus does sit there, but what that means is so much! Listen to Pastor Hodge as he unpacks that portion of the Creed using Scripture that is referenced.

We also had Dr. Mistry talk about the LightHouse ministry in Rockford. Located in a tough area of the city, it helps to bring hope to those who have none by and through the Word of God, while also providing meals for the poor in the city. Listen to what the ministry does every day to bring love to a very broken population.

We also had Molly Blobaum talk about Band-Aids(tm), but what does that have to do with God? Listen and find out!

You can hear all of these recordings here:

And we hope you have a great week in Christ Jesus!

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