Sunday, April 22, 2018

April 22, 2018: The dynamics of friends and enemies (Post-resurrection apppearances of Jesus, part 2)

This week, Pastor Hodge continues his series tht went through Easter and looks at the dynamics of friends and enemies of Jesus post-resurrection. For instance, we see Mary Magdalene sees the resurrected Jesus, but Jesus' disciples don't believe her. The group of women see Jesus, believe and worship him, and calms them. But then there is a the Great Lie from Jesus' enemies. How do they try to cover up the resurrection? How to the chief priests do it? And what important lesson can we take away from it? Listen and find out!

We also had Mark Fagerstrom give his children's sermon using a...banana? Yes, just listen to how he gets to the point of what the Word of God teaches. No, it's nothing crazy, just listen to it. :-) And, we had Dale Vesta and Karen Hannan do our special music for today.

You can listen to all of these service elements here:

And, we pray you have a great week in Christ Jesus!

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