Sunday, February 12, 2012

February 12, 2012: The Fruit of the Spirit

On this sunny, cold and blustery Sunday, Pastor Michael Hodge gave his sermon on the fruit of the Spirit. If Christ is within us, how can we tell? Pastor Hodge talks about what you should expect to see when we are living in the Spirit, even under evil circumstances or times.
Mark Fagerstrom gave us the children's sermon water. If you don't drink any fluids within 72 hours, you will likely die. So what happens when we don't read God's Word? Listen to his sermon and find out.

Finally, our special music had Roger Seldal and all the Grace Free Lutheran youth singing in a big choir today. We hope you are blessed by the music! You can find this and more, right here:

May you love and serve our Lord and be blessed by him always!

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