Sunday, March 22, 2020

March 22, 2020: The spiritual gift of exhortation (Empty sanctuary and online audio due to COVID-19)

We have canceled church for bad winter weather conditions before. But not for a pandemic! This was a bit awkward: it was just the audio engineer, the pastor and his wife, a musician and a Scripture reader all practicing "social distancing", all while doing our service this morning for an online audience. We made it as normal as possible, and our series in spiritual gifts continues today with the spiritual gift of exhortation. That's not a common word today, so Pastor Hodge will explain what it means to exhort, why it is an extremely personal gift, and who in the Bible had it? And do we have it ourselves? Listen and find out!

Get ready to sing along as Roger Seldal leads our worship for you.
If you have any comments, concerns, questions, or suggestions for improvement, we would love your feedback during these difficult times. Please send all correspondence to our website contact page, we'd love to hear from you!

You can hear this service by cutting and pasting this link into your browser:

Thank you, and may the Lord protect us from this virus!

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